The future Hua Nui will be a Vibrant Health Living & Learning Center on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  Hua Nui means “fruitful” in the Hawaiian language. Hua Nui is the brainchild of Dr. David Klein of Haiku, Maui.  Hua Nui will stand as a premier vegan institution of Vibrant Fruiticulture Living, and a beacon for wholistic health seekers and permaculturalists worldwide.  Hua Nui will include an organic farm, orchards, fruit tree nursery, conference room and yoga studio, Fruiticulture farm tours, classes and trainings, and house offices for their online Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy and Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center. Hua Nui will employ sustainable, organic, veganic, regenerative, fruit-centric permaculture (“Fruiticulture”) design and maintenance methods and deliver Vibrant Health Education at its finest. Please take the site tour and join us in bringing Nua Nui to fruition. We will be most grateful for your help, and for the opportunity to work with you on your vibrant living path!