The Health Education Imperative

The Health Education Imperative

by David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor
Dean of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy
Education Co-Director of Hua Nui

Miseducated societies are fraught with confusion, nonsensical thinking, destructive behaviors, incessant turmoil, suffering and, if carried too far, extinction. Does this sound familiar? Indeed, sadly, this is our reality.

But, with the human capacity to focus our indomitable will to overcome and prosper, the potential to achieve the reversal of the world’s perilous descent is in our hands. Correct education is the key.

All things good can come from efforts which are congruent with the Laws of Nature. Every man, woman and child needs an accurate education in natural living and health care. There is no greater need at this time! In his classic Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life, the great Natural Hygiene educator/doctor Dr. Herbert M. Shelton wrote:

“‘Perhaps the greatest want of our age is a correct education of the physiology of our being and the laws that govern life, health and disease.”

We must think clearly if we wish to fulfill our wishes of improving every aspect of our lives and living well. It all starts with correct education, or, re-education.

At least 99% of the thoughts humanity entertains about health are wrong! Even those who have just begun reading about the promises of healthful vegan, rawfood, fruitarian and Hygienic living have a lot to unlearn. There is much to learn anew, and the new education must be accurate! This is the social imperative of our day.

Educational Excellence

Education can be distilled down to this quote by the famed 19th century English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley:

“Education is the instruction of the intellect in the Laws of Nature.”

This is so true! With regard to health and ecology, every system of thought must be grounded in an accurate understanding of the true physiological and biological Laws of Nature, as well as an accurate understanding of humans’ true biological nature. All else is delusion, begetting turmoil and disease.

The only true system of thought with regard to healthful living and the only basis of educational excellence is Natural Hygiene, which we also call Vibrant Living.

Vibrant Living is based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence. It is the art and science of living healthfully, or vibrantly, fulfilling the Prime Requisites of Health, in accord with our natural biological mandates. Vibrant Living Enthusiasts refer to Nature as our mentor and teacher.

Vibrant Living teaches us the Natural Laws of Life, including the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health relying on our awesome self-healing powers and how to live in optimum wellness. It can be considered to be “applied human physiology.” The Vibrant Living teaching model holds that Vibrant Health is our God-given birthright and that this is attainable via Vibrant Living. It embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices. Vibrant Living is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of wholistic natural health. No other health system has proven to be more effective in the restoration and preservation of health.

In Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton also wrote:

“Great responsibilities rest upon us. Hygiene comes as a savior of the race. If we are to fulfill our obligations, we must be teachers of the people. We must dispel the darkness of ignorance and superstition with the glorious sunlight of truth; we must spread a true knowledge of the laws which govern our being. Ours is a positive program that offers the people, as a substitute for the wrong ways of life, ways that are in strict accord with the Laws of Life.”

Vibrant Living must be our sole teaching basis as all other health systems mislead us onto delusional, disempowering paths because they are unnatural, disconnected from our true nature. They are life-debilitating, rather than life-enhancing.

The natural way is best! Why? Because nothing can trump Nature, and the natural way begets the surest and most sublime results. As all living organisms and systems were designed by Nature, abiding by Nature’s “operating manual” is the only wise way to live!

The Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy teaches and trains Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselors in all of these precise Vibrant Living principles. This is the foundation of Hua Nui.

Please join is our Vibrant Living mission.

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