Hua Nui – Vibrant Health Living & Learning Center
Maui, Hawaii USA


Annette Davidsson, Dr. David Klein & Robert Selby

“Dream with us our dreams of fruitful acres and vibrant health education for all.”

The future Hua Nui will be a Vibrant Health Living & Learning Center on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Hua Nui will fulfill our mission of teaching ecologically sustainable, healthful, permaculture living to the world. Hua Nui means “fruitful” in the Hawaiian language.

Hua Nui is the brainchild of the husband and wife team Dr. David Klein and Annette Davidsson of Haiku, Maui, Hawaii, USA. Hua Nui will include an organic farm, orchards, fruit tree nursery, conference room and yoga studio, and house offices for their online Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy and Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

Hua Nui will employ sustainable, organic, veganic, regenerative permaculture design and maintenance methods and deliver Vibrant Living Education at its finest, to guide the sick to vibrant wellness and lead the way in the cause of Vibrant Health. David and Annette will act as property caretakers, business managers and farm and health education directors, bringing their combined 50-plus years of Vibrant Living expertise and indefatigable passion for helping the world to become a healthier place.

After longstanding illnesses, David’s and Annette’s lives were saved and uplifted by employing Hygienic principles of self-healing and by adopting the Natural Hygiene Way of Life (renamed Vibrant Living). Their subsequent mission has been to introduce the world to the principles of Vibrant Living and to educate and guide ailing people to Vibrant Health at every opportunity. The culmination of their decades of experience and outstanding service, Hua Nui will carry forward the grand legacy of great Natural Hygiene leaders of the past two centuries—from Reverend Sylvester Graham to Drs. Isaac Jennings, John Tilden, Herbert M. Shelton, V. Virginia Vetrano and T. C. Fry.

The academic arm of Hua Nui, the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy, functions to train dynamic Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselors who will pass on Vibrant Living knowledge and counsel health seekers, perpetuating Vibrant Health Education for generations to come. The farm will provide organic fruits, vegetables and fruit tree starters to island customers and feed Hua Nui residents. The property will be placed in a living trust to assure its perpetual abidance to the Hua Nui mission. David and Annette are seeking a benevolent property owner and/or benefactors whose primary ROI objectives are personal and planetary Vibrant Health. Donations are tax-deductible through Hua Nui’s fiscal steward, Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.