The Prime Requisites of Vibrant Health

The Prime Requisites of Vibrant Health
Hua Nui
Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy

  1. Love of Self
  2. Healthy Self Image and Esteem
  3. Passionate Love of All Life
  4. Awareness
  5. Intention
  6. Inner Focus/Listening
  7. Abidance by the Senses and Intuition
  8. True Knowledge
  9. Graceful, Grateful, Respectful, Generous Attitude
  10. Organic, Vegan, Properly-combined Alkalizing Diet
  11. Pure Water
  12. Pure Air
  13. Sunshine
  14. Warm Climate
  15. Fitness and Posture
  16. Security and Peace of Mind
  17. Rejuvenative Rest and Sleep
  18. Heart-centered Self Nurturing
  19. Sharing of Love
  20. Relaxation
  21. Humor
  22. Creative Expression
  23. Emotional Flow and Release
  24. Rhythmic Movement
  25. Musical Indulgence
  26. Simple Lifestyle
  27. Communing With Nature
  28. Gardening
  29. Service—Living Your Life’s Purpose
  30. Engagement in Self-improvement Challenges

By living vibrantly we are enabled to rejuvenate and reach our full health potential.

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